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Manduka Go Play Yoga Mat Bag Review

Products overview :

The Manduka GO Play Yoga Mat Holder makes it straightforward for you to slide your yoga mat right in, stash your mobile phone, keys, ID, and mastercard within the zippered front pocket, and dash off to category. change the band for hands-free carrying, or just cinch them down for a straightforward single-hand carry.

We have to admit that we have a tendency to had to possess this bag as a result of we have a tendency to ar large Lord of the Rings fans, and therefore the style reminded US of the white tree of Gondor. it’s simply stunning.Fortunately, we have a tendency to didn’t regret testing this bag, and lots of of the team united that the bag could be a sensible choice. it’s straightforward to clean once necessary, and therefore the varied pockets ar ideal for tiny things like keys.

The zippers appear durable thus far, and therefore the material appears like it’s created to last. we have a tendency to didn’t just like the strap abundantly because it can be uncomfortable if you would like to hold the bag for a extended time.Apart from the mat, you may not be able to work abundant in, however if you merely would like a bag that do i job well – i.e. carrying a yoga mat whereas trying awing, this can be a wonderful selection.

Yoga mats ar necessary after you do yoga as they primarily ar your sweat machine. when a session of yoga you may notice your yoga mat is also sweating a bit like you’re. If you are doing not desire a yoga mat that includes a sturdy odor you would like to do this mat bag.

The design of this mat bag was specifically created with keeping your mat odourless in mind. it’s open ends to stay your mat dry and odourless. It conjointly contains a mobile pocket to carry your mobile phone with ease and a bottle holder to help you in carrying everything you would like. This bag is light-weight however it will contain shoulder straps thus you’ll adapt it to your feeling.

Yoga mats are available a spread of sizes, materials, and sizes. the scale of your bag is set by the scale of your mat. However, obtaining a mat bag that’s massive enough isn’t continually straightforward.

The Large Yoga Mat Bag by lizard Active takes care of size issues. Its size size means it will carry even the biggest yoga mat offered. measure twenty seven by seven inches, it’s the biggest yoga mat bag on the market, that means that there’s enough area for alternative necessities moreover.

The Large Yoga Mat Bag by lizard Active is exclusive in many ways. It provides complete personalization of favor. It conjointly options associate intuitive contouring zipper style to stay your stuff safe within whereas providing a twin odor-free system.

Why Choice It?

The mat straps adjust to fit any size mat, the shoulder strap at full length will put the mat at about your hip (I’m 5″ 10′) but not long enough for a cross-body, and this carrier is made beautifully. The nylon is durable, it’s stitched well all the way around with four bar tacks at each corner for added durability and to ensure the weight of your mat doesn’t undo the stitching. The pocket is small, but big enough for my hand towel and some ponytail holders.

The Manduka Go Play Yoga Mat Mat Bag from complete Box is ideal if you would like house to hold all of your Yoga necessities and private things.This bag is formed from a sturdy material which will stand up to several journeys to category in any atmosphere, nevertheless remains soft enough in order that it’s comfy for you to hold. This durable bag has ample house to hold all of your yoga gear.

It has a ventilation eyelet to permit air to flow through thus your gear can keep and odor free. With the adjustable soft strap, will|you’ll|you’ll be able to} carry this bag on your shoulder and modify the length of the strap to suit your height and wishes otherwise you can carry it as a tote mistreatment the Velcro grip handles.

With the various pockets, there’s many cupboard space during this bag. there’s a awfully massive within pocket thus you’ll be able to store your article of clothing flat throughout travel and avoid wrinkles that may occur in a very customary yoga bag. there’s additionally a folding hanger to hold your garments up once you make the athletic facility if you favor.

The bag wraps around your yoga mat and there’s a convenient tie to stay your mat or towel secure. you ought to be ready to work a yoga mat of any thickness during this bag and still be ready to carry it comfort.

There square measure 3 zippered pockets on the Manduka Go Play Yoga Mat Mat Bag. the 2 main pockets square measure fairly spacious and may hold your billfold, planner, calendar, etc.Then there’s a 3rd smaller pocket that’s excellent for your keys and mobile phone. The elastic and mesh bottle holder is ideal for holding a thirty two oz.

To see however every bag would perform we have a tendency to crammed it up with completely different Yoga mats – regular size and enormous, completely different textures and viscousness, and a few different accessories (keys, wallet, bottle, t-shirt).

we have a tendency to then carried it around city for regarding 15-20 minutes to examine however lightweight every bag would get on your shoulders and if it’d break or inconvenience you in any manner.

we have a tendency to were searching for a Yoga mat bag that’s straightforward to hold, has extra house for different Yoga category accessories, can defend your Yoga mat from sun, dirt and mildew, and can air out when a Yoga session.

Product Features

  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Suitable for all mat sizes
  • Quick release buckles for optimal accessibility
  • Large storage pocket for valuables
  • Eco-friendly, hands-free portability
  • Designed for weather and water resistance
  • Made from OEKO-TEX certified 100% polyester
  • 13.7” strap; 5” x 8” pocket
  • Fits any size yoga mat

Final Conclusion :

We all live feverish lives which can not enable United States to perpetually have the time to vary from our work bag to our yoga bag. For this reason, it will be terribly convenient to own one bag that will everything. Takes all of the things that you simply want whereas holding your yoga mat in sit. you’ll additionally customize this bag with a style that catches your attention to form your bag even additional personal to you.

This tote offers adjustable straps to provide you the power to change the method you carry the bag whereas you’re on the run. it’s spacious enough to hold your favorite things whereas giving your yoga mat similarly.

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